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Tyres We Offer

Van Tyres

Whatever your vehicle, we have tyres to suit your budget and usage requirements.

Light Truck Tyres

Combine the advantages of passenger car tyres with the high requirements of truck tyres.

Commercial Tyres

Combine the advantages of passenger car tyres with the high requirements of commercial tyres to run at higher speeds.

Winter Tyres

Weather and road conditions can change quite abruptly in winter. Winter tyres have to offer a consistently high degree of safety when it’s dry, when temperatures are low and when streets are icy and snowed in.

Trailer Tyres

Choosing the best tyres for your trailer is always a profitable investment. By design, trailers need to be able to carry heavy loads safely and effectively.

Low Profile Tyres

Low profile tyres offer greatly improved levels of handling and grip, especially in the dry.

Runflat Tyres

Run-Flat tyres are suitable for emergency situations. This type of tyres allows safe driving in the event of significant air loss.

Partworn Tyres

Whatever your vehicle, we have high quality partworn tyres to suit your budget and usage requirements.

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If you have suffered a puncture or your tyre is slowly losing pressure, book a puncture repair and our technicians will inspect the tyre to see if a repair is suitable

At Prestige Tyres we’ll advise and repair your tyre with your safety in mind.

Runflat tyres are difficult to repair, but at Prestige Tyres we’ll do our best to make your tyre as good as new.

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