Part Worn Tyres

Part Worn Tyres

Welcome to Prestige Tyres Yorkshire, the land of buying high quality tyres. Prestige Tyres Yorkshire offers a range of high quality tyres of all top brands along with the professional service to make them integrated in your vehicles. Our services come up at a competitive price range while enabling your vehicle give utmost performance.

All you need is to enter with your car and we will give you tyres of great brand at a cheap and competitive price range. You can choose between ranges of tyres which will cater your vehicle’s performance need.

When travelling with your vehicle, tyres play a crucial part in your journey. Tyres are the only part of your vehicle which is in direct contact with the road surface. Acceleration breaks, steering, along with the several ups and downs are faced by your vehicle.

Each year more than 1200 accidents are caused because of the worn out tyres. Here, under inflated tyres are the major contributing factors of these accidents.

Part worn tyres (partly worn tyres) make the tyres available at a cheap market price. Some people think that they are investing in right tyres and investing in part worn tyre is a value for money. But when it comes to the life long process, then they are investing more than the original tyres. The lifetime of a part worn tyre is around 2-3 years while that of an original tyre is 5-10 years. So, if we consider the overall perspective, we can say that investing in part worn tyre is a good choice for short term perspective but if you consider the lifetime scenario then original tyres wins the race.

Safety and Part worn tyres

For any set of tyres, safety is considered as the first and foremost things which need to be worked on. It is always recommended to have a safety check on part worn tyres. This is done to make sure that you are completely safe and protected.

It is also recommended to check the condition of your part worn tyre. You need to make sure that your tyre is free from cuts, cracks, bulges and lumps. You also need to check whether the tyre contains any foreign substance inside it. It must be free from nails, gravel or any other unwanted substance.

Size of tread wear

If you are planning to purchase a part worn tyre, you need to make sure that your tyre comes up with a regular tread. The size of your tyre must not fall below 1/16th of an inch. If it does, you need to invest on some other tyre.

Cuts and other issues

Part worn tyres might have cuts, cracks or bulges in them which may compromise with the safety of the customers. When the pressure due to the overweight is increased, this may lead to the blow up of these tyres.

For the safety reasons, the government of UK have banned the selling of part worn tyres. Dealing with the part worn tyres is considered illegal in UK. Most of the retailers take no interest in dealing with such tyres because they don’t want to compromise with the safety of their customers.

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