Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

As the winter knocks in, chaos is created on the road, leaving the drivers struggling to maintain control in the slippery roads.

There are a number of approaches to deal with this problem; the main ones are the use of winter tyres.

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are the ones which are specifically designed to increase the traction when driving in the snow and ice regions. They avoid slipping of the vehicles while giving full on vehicle control on the slippery roads.

What is the difference between a winter tyre and a normal tyre?

Normal tyres are the all seasoned tyres while winter tyres are specifically designed to be used in the winter season.

  • Winter tyres are usually made by soft rubber substance making it flexible in the freezing weather.
  • The grooves of the winter tyres are generally wider making them an apt choice for the winter season.
  • Winter tyres are engineered to have a longer life as compared to the normal tyres.

How much does a normal winter tyre cost?

Winter tyre cost same as the normal tyre. They are available at different price range as that of normal tyre. You can purchase a winter tyre from different manufacturers.

Why to use winter tyres?

In the countries like UK, where there are heavy snow fall (snowy regions, having temperature less than 7 degree), drivers often lose control of their vehicle because of the slippery roads.

Nothing grips snow more than the snow itself and based on this concept winter tyres have been designed. They hold as much of it as possible on its surface. Winter tyres have been designed to provide a snowy in fill in the read grooves so that the grip can be maintained in the snowy regions.

Can we use winter tyres in other seasons too?

Winter tyres are especially designed for the winter season. They can be installed in cold weather. However, the tyres might not be able to give the same level of performance in the summer season as given by the summer tyres. They’ll act as a resistance in your journey, so you need to change your tyres for the summer seasons.

Does it affect my car’s insurance?

Winter tyres acts as an additional accessory in your vehicle. Most of the insurers recognize them as one of the main element needed for safety. However, it is always recommended to consult your insurer first as this may contradict with your vehicle’s insurance.

Get ready …

Whether you want to use all seasoned tyres or winter tyres, it’s always recommended to prepare your car before the bad conditions strikes.

If you are planning to go somewhere in the bad weather, always carry a snow shovel, boots, along with the fully charged mobile phone with you so that you can reach your loved ones and ask for some help in the drastic weather conditions.

If you get stuck call for the assistance and prepare yourself before the condition gets worse.

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