Bald Tyres

Bald Tyres

What is bald tyre?

It is always recommended that your tyre’s tread must not be less than 1/16th of the inch. However, if your tread reaches less than this then your tyre is said to be worn down. You’re having a bald tyre. And, if your vehicle is having bald tyre, you need to purchase new set of tyres to have a safe and comfortable journey.

Why are bald tyres dangerous?

In the rainy season, the grooves of the tyre help to keep the channel water away so that sufficient contact can be maintained with the road. This helps in controlling your vehicle. While on the other hand, bald tyres don’t have sufficient grooves due to which the driver may face difficulty in stopping / controlling their vehicles.

Even in the dry surface, bald tyres are more prone to failure as compared to the normal tyre. Bald tyres are thinner than the normal tyres due to which bald tyres are always under the risk of getting punctured.

Bald tyres are easily affected by stones, cracks, bricks, pins, and unmaintained roads which increases the chances of a sudden blow, while compromising with your safety and security.

When to change your tyres?

If you are wondering when to change your vehicle’s tyre, it’s always recommended to change them before they lead to a big collision/ loss of life.

If you find your tyres grooves rugged/ worn out, you need to change them up and prevent the risk of getting punctured/ collision in your journey.

Don’t postpone something as far as the safety is concerned.

Warning signs indicating your tyres are becoming dangerous

Here are the common signs with the help of which you can find whether there is a need of replacing your vehicle’s tyres.

  • Tread wear

It’s always recommended that the size of your tyre’s tread does not fall below 1/16th of the inch. You can measure the size of your tyre’s tread with the help of a measuring gauge. If it falls below this, it simply indicates that you need to replace your vehicle’s tyre.

  • Cracks on your tyre

While checking for the tread, you have to make sure that your vehicle’s tyres are in good shape. If you find any cracks in your tyre, this simply indicates your need to replace them. Otherwise, you may encounter puncture or a sudden blow in your tyre.

  • Vibration in your vehicles

If you’re driving for a while, you must be familiar with the vibrations encountered in your vehicles. This is due to the misaligned tyres, or it might be due to the unbalancing. If you face any such problem, it always recommended that you should have a regular service before it turns into a big problem.

  • Lack of traction

This problem is generally faced at low speed. Sometimes your vehicles steering moves out of your control; you may find your vehicle bouncing up and down.

Have a timely check up of your vehicle. Stay secure! Stay safe!

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