Bald Tyres

What is bald tyre? It is always recommended that your tyre’s tread must not be less than 1/16th of the inch. However, if your tread reaches less than this then your tyre is said to be worn down. You’re having a bald tyre. And, if your vehicle is having bald tyre, you need to purchase new set of tyres to have a safe and comfortable journey. Why are bald tyres dangerous? In the rainy season, the grooves of the tyre help to [...]

Winter Tyres

As the winter knocks in, chaos is created on the road, leaving the drivers struggling to maintain control in the slippery roads. There are a number of approaches to deal with this problem; the main ones are the use of winter tyres. What are winter tyres? Winter tyres are the ones which are specifically designed to increase the traction when driving in the snow and ice regions. They avoid slipping of the vehicles while giving full on vehicle control on the slippery [...]

Part Worn Tyres

Welcome to Prestige Tyres Yorkshire, the land of buying high quality tyres. Prestige Tyres Yorkshire offers a range of high quality tyres of all top brands along with the professional service to make them integrated in your vehicles. Our services come up at a competitive price range while enabling your vehicle give utmost performance. All you need is to enter with your car and we will give you tyres of great brand at a cheap and competitive price range. You [...]